Technology Outlook: UK Tertiary Education

During the spring and summer of 2011, JISC sponsored a study by the New Media Consortium as part of their Horizon Project which produces a series of widely-read Horizon Reports. “Technology Outlook: UK Higher Education” is the principle output from this study.

Title Page of Technology Outlook“Technology Outlook” explores the impact of emerging technologies on teaching, learning, research or information management in UK tertiary education over the next five years, as identified by the Horizon.JISC advisory board. That group of experts is comprised of an international body of knowledgeable individuals representing a range of diverse perspectives across the learning sector. The study involved several stages of discussion and refinement of description of potentially influential technologies, their time-lines and impact.

An open workshop was held to discuss the findings of this advisory board from the perspective of institutional learning technologists as a pre-conference workshop of ALT-C 2011. A brief report on the workshop comprises the subsequent article to this one.

The content of the report has a Creative Commons licence.

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  2. As an IT Support London, we could say that the study sponsored by JISC which is technology outlook for UK tertiary education is nice and beneficial. This will greatly not just explore the impact of emerging technologies in the next four years in UK tertiary education, but also let people foresee the impact of influential technology in the future generations. Aside from that, through studying the impact of technology in future generations, people will be aware and prepared on what to do to resist negative impacts.