What’s On The Technology Horizon? A Talk at the ILI 2011 Conference

Last week I gave a talk entitled “What’s On The Technology Horizon?” at the ILI (Internet Librarian International) 2011 conference.  The talk was given in the opening strand on “Technology Developments and Trends” and provided an opportunity to highlight the JISC Observatory’s “Technology Outlook: UK Tertiary Education” report which was described in a recent post by Adam Cooper.

The aim of the brief talk was to summarise the key technological developments described in the report and suggest ways in which Libraries may respond to the implications of such developments.  Some initial brief suggestions were provided on how Libraries may be responding to technological developments which now seem to be mainstream. including mobile and tablet devices, cloud computing and open content.  It was suggested that in a conference environment in which main delegates are likely to how mobile devices and be familiar with popular cloud-based communications tools such as Twitter, it would be possible to collaboratively describe possible ways in which organisations could be planning for and responding to technological developments.

Unfortunately due to technical difficulties experienced by the second speakers in the opening session it was not possible to solict suggestions from the audience in the closing discussion session as had originally been planned. However the slides which were used and the structure of the talk have been made freely available under a Creative Commons licence if others wish to make use of this approach.

Please note that the slides used in the talk on What’s On The Technology Horizon? are available on Slideshare.

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