TechWatch Report: Delivering Web to Mobile

The JISC Observatory is pleased to announce the publication of this “preview” version of our “Delivering Web to Mobile” report, written by Mark Power.

The use of mobile devices for the consumption and use of Web content and services has grown steadily over the last few years and continues to do so, with analysts predicting that mobile will soon exceed the traditional desktop PC as the most common means users interact with the Web and other Internet services.

This report looks at the growth of mobile, the state of the Web and gives an overview of approaches to delivering content and services optimised for the mobile context. This includes approaches to Web design for responsive sites, leveraging access to device functions and capabilities and the use of Web technologies to build mobile applications.

This “preview” report is being made available for a period of 1 month to allow for public comment and feedback. A final version will be produced shortly after the 23 30th March 2012 (deadline extended by a week), which is the last date on which new comments will be taken account of. Please use the comments facility below. Comments of any nature are welcomed but particularly those pointing out: significant omissions in your view, technical errors or confusing passages. Comments of appreciation are also welcome!

We hope you enjoy access to this “preview” version. If telling others about the report, please use a link to this page rather than the PDF.

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5 Responses to TechWatch Report: Delivering Web to Mobile

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  3. Beverly says:

    I’d certainly agree that mobile will take over PCs with regards to using the web. I know plenty of people who solely use their mobiles to access Facebook for example, and never use a PC.

  4. Hi Mark,
    This report is really interesting, and a potentially important guide for institutions who are travelling on this journey (and all of them must, sooner or later). My comments:

    The audience is specified as ‘management’. Therefore I think this report needs a more extensive introduction prior to the technical detail. This should focus on the new opportunities which mobile technologies bring: e.g. to reach out to potential students; to facilitate learning opportunities. Ideally, this document should enable managers to ask the right questions of the ‘techies’ re the solutions which may be, or are being, deployed.
    There is no specific mention of accessibility. This subject may merit another report in its own right, and perhaps you prefer to omit it for this reason. However, it could be of key significance to some users, and I think it would be worth pointing readers to some references which bear on that issue.
    I appreciate that you don’t have the space to discuss User-centred design in any detail. However, it may be worth referring to JISC work which relates to that theme:



  5. Guy Saward says:

    There lots of good stuff in here. Two things to look at more could be the pedagogical impact, and to extend the list of hybrid app options to include the use of services such as mobify. Will also be interesting to see how browser developments such as Amazon Silk may take on some of the mobile webapp/site optimisation.