Preview: Draft of TechWatch Report on Data-driven Infrastructure Available for Comments

The JISC Observatory is pleased to announce the publication of this preview version of our Preparing for Data-driven Infrastructure TechWatch report, written by Max Hammond.

Managing data is a strategic problem for institutional managers as well as a technical  problem for IT staff. To address this challenge, this report provides an overview of key data-management concepts and approaches as well as practical tools available to Higher Education and Further Education. This report can be used to help organisational planning and to inform data-management strategies. Specifically, this report:

  • describes data-centric architectures;
  • gives some examples of how data is already shared between organisations and discusses this from a data-centric perspective;
  • introduces some of the key tools and technologies that can support data-centric architectures as well as some new models of data management, including opportunities to use “cloud” services;
  • concludes with a look at the direction of travel;
  • lists the sources cited in a References section.

This preview report is being made available for a period of two weeks (from 29 June through 16 July 2012) to allow for public comment and feedback. A final version, taking into account all feedback received, will be published in early August 2012.

Please use the comments facility below to send us your feedback. We welcome comments of any nature regarding this report’s content (including your views on topics or examples included or omitted, relevance to your work, etc). Comments of appreciation are also welcome!

We hope you enjoy access to this preview version of our forthcoming TechWatch report. If referring others to this preview draft, please use a link to our web page linking to this report rather than directly to the PDF file of the report (which is subject to change).

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One Response to Preview: Draft of TechWatch Report on Data-driven Infrastructure Available for Comments

  1. Ben Butchart says:

    Congratulations on a highly informative and thought provoking report.
    In the discussion of APIs you may want to look at the Edina’s Unlock API, which has an example of both a “pure” REST API (Unlock Text) and a service oriented RESTful API (Unlock Places). We also have a mapping API called “openstream” which is similar(ish) to Google Maps API.