Preview version of TechWatch Report on eBooks in Education Available for Comments

The JISC Observatory is pleased to announce the release of a preview version of a new TechWatch report entitled Preparing for Effective Adoption and Use of eBooks in Education.

Written by James Clay (ILT Learning and Resources Manager at Gloucestershire College), this report updates previous work researching the usage and adoption of ebooks within academic institutions and examines recent developments that are shaping how academic institutions can respond to growing interest in ebooks:

As ebooks become mainstream and the percentage of academic publications delivered as ebooks rises steadily, this report explains the importance of preparing for the increasing adoption and usage of ebooks in academic institutions. Specifically, this report: 1) introduces the historical and present context of ebooks; 2) reviews the basics of ebooks; 3) considers scenarios for ebook adoption and usage; 4) addresses current challenges; and 5) considers the future. This report also provides a glossary to help clarify key terms and a ‘References’ section listing works cited.

The preview version of this report is open for public comments from 27 September to 8 October 2012. A final version, taking into account feedback received, is scheduled for publication around the end of October.

We welcome comments of any nature regarding this report’s content (including your views on topics or examples included or omitted, relevance to your work, etc). Comments of appreciation are also welcome!

Please use one of the following options to send us your feedback:

  • The ‘Leave a reply‘ Web form below can help you send us your general comments.
  • For more detailed feedback, we have set up a  JISCPress site to help you post section-by-section comments.
  • If you would prefer to send feedback by email, you can send comments to Observatory Project Manager Thom Bunting (

We hope you enjoy reading this preview version of the forthcoming TechWatch report. If referring others to this preview draft, please link to and cite the URL of the main page for this TechWatch report on the JISC Observatory Web site (rather than the URL of the PDF version of the draft version of the report, which is subject to change).

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  3. James (and others) may be interested to include some hard to find SCONUL stats on the increase in e-book purchases in UK HE libraries in the Hedtek report for SCONUL downloadable via this blog post.

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