Notes: copyright image, used under licensing from shutterstock.comThis page provides evidence of the use and interest in the JISC Observatory, across various domains.

As part of our evidence-gathering and scanning process, we welcome feedback on your interests in technologies: both those discussed on this JISC Observatory website, and others that you consider important and interesting for Higher Education and Further Education over the next five years.

If you have accessed briefings and posts on this website or downloaded TechWatch reports, we would like to know what you find useful — and where you would like to see more attention.  Please help us gather more evidence about how people are using this site and technologies that it discusses: we’ll appreciate your using the comment form at the bottom of this page to send us your views.

Visitors to JISC Observatory website

Web server statistics indicate that more than 13,000 ‘unique visitors’ (as determined by IP addresses) have visited this website from 2011 to present.

Usage of TechWatch reports

Since 2011, more than 5,000 downloads of TechWatch reports (final versions) have been recorded on this site. In addition, preview and final copies of TechWatch reports have been distributed through other channels (via email, conferences, workshops, etc).

JISC Observatory connections with HE / FE communities

As well as posting here a range of briefings on technologies of relevance to Higher Education and Further Education, JISC Observatory engages at conferences and workshops with a range of communities:

  • Dev8D (Feb. 2012): developer community working in HE / FE
  • EuroCRIS workshop (Feb. 2012): HE community working in research information management
  • CETIS Conference (Feb. 2012):  HE and FE  community working with teaching and learning technologies
  • IWMW (June 2012): HE and FE community working on web management, communications, data services
  • Open Repositories 2012 (July 2012):  Research repositories community

If you would like JISC Observatory to engage with a group of which you are a member, please let us know via the web form below.

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